Following a national security briefing with President Donald Trump, Pentagon chief James Mattis told the press that North Korea’s nuclear threats will be met with a “massive military response," CNN reported. The North’s Hydrogen bomb test on Sunday (which could have been loaded onto an ICBM) should be taken seriously considering the potential threat to the country.

The hydrogen bomb test was condemned by the international community, including North Korea’s allies - China and Russia. According to James Mattis, the move showed the North’s apparent defiance of the sanctions imposed by the United Nations regarding the development of nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong-un also seemed to ignore international pressure against its ballistic missile tests, which could potentially hit the United States and its territories like Guam.

Will North Korea be cut off from the rest of the world?

James Mattis told the CNN that the United States government still remains at full capacity to defend its people and territories, as well as its allies (Japan and South Korea) against any threats. The defense secretary said that the United States' commitments were "ironclad" and unwavering.

Nevertheless, Mattis stressed that the United States government only seeks to denuclearize the North. He denied any allegation that the U.S. military would want the communist country to be totally annihilated.

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss how to deal with North Korea’s recent missile test. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump said that the United States may cease trade with countries that have ties with North Korea.

President Trump’s reaction

President Donald Trump called the North’s Hydrogen Bomb test dangerous and hostile.

He said that North Korea is like a “rogue nation” that eventually turned into a big threat to ally, China.

President Trump labeled South Korea’s attempts to "talk" ineffective. According to Trump, Pyongyang will not heed their warnings because they “only understand one thing,” the BBC reported.

The power of Kim Jong-un’s Nuke

According to South Korean authorities, the latest hydrogen bomb test was conducted in Kilju County -- where North Korea's Punggye-ri nuke test site is located.

Compared to the fifth missile test the North conducted in 2016, the latest H-bomb test (which created an artificial earthquake) was almost 10 times more powerful. With the North’s nuclear capability, could this lead to another World War?