North Korea will have to face new sanctions imposed by the United Nations, so, the North Korean government has reacted aggressively. America and its allies have made efforts to close the market for the North Korean textile exports, and have also pressured to make fuel less accessible to Pyongyang. Japan and South Korea are also cooperating to put more pressure on North Korea if it keeps developing its program of nuclear weapons. The decision taken by the UN on Monday is the ninth since 2006. The sanctions were going to be harder, but they were weakened to gain the support of China and Russia.

The US will suffer the greatest pain

The North Korean ambassador, Han Tae-song, told the UN that the United States wants a military, economic and political fight. The ambassador condemned the measures taken by the UN, he even said that the United States will suffer the greatest pain it has experienced in history. Robert Wood, the US disarmament ambassador, stated that the resolution taken by the Security Council won't tolerate an aggressive policy by North Korea.

North Korea will have economic losses

The North Korean regime will have economic problems because the sanctions punish its exports of textiles, which are worth $938 million and represent 25 percent of its foreign trade. Almost eighty percent of its textile exports went to China.

The textiles are the second main product that Pyongyang exports, after coal and minerals. South Korea states that the only way that North Korea can halt the economic sanctions is that it stops making nuclear tests.

China on the issue

Xinhua, the official news agency from China, stated that Trump has to engage in dialogue with the Pyongyang regime.

The Chinese believe that the nuclear tests by North Korea make the US put sanctions, but these economic punishments trigger more nuclear tests. This is an endless cycle that has to be stopped, but not all the people agree. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, believes that more pressure has to be put on Communist Korea to stop its nuclear program.

Oil embargo

The Pyongyang regime imports about 4 million barrels of crude oil annually, and 4.5 million barrels of refined petroleum each year. The UN will impose a cap on North Koreans, so, they will be able to import just 2 million barrels of refined petroleum. China supplies most of the oil to North Korea, Russia and China believe that the oil embargo will worsen the living conditions of North Koreans. The Chinese are worried about it, they think these measures will increase the risk.