china has become a huge manufacturing country that floods world markets with cheap products. Many economists have said that the most populated country has become a nightmare for many industrials. The Chinese economy has a huge production capacity, it produces more cement than all the other countries of the world together, it already manufactures more vehicles than US, Japan and Germany combined. China has become the main exporter of goods worldwide. China grows faster than US, but it also has many disadvantages:

Deficit of women

China has been the most populated country for a long time and the government tried to control this, thus, they imposed the one child policy at the end of the 1970s.

Many families killed the female babies because they wanted male children. Today, men surpass women by no less than 30 millions and this big gap will create social problems. US women outnumber men, no need to worry.

Scarcity of arable land

China and United States have similar areas, both are huge countries but the quality of the land is different. China has just 70% of the Arable Land that US has. On the other hand, the population of China is more than 4 times the US population. An American has 6 times more land per head than a Chinese, a big gap. The Asian country has been losing arable land the last decades.

Ghost cities

The Chinese government has been building many cities to keep the construction workers in activity.

This is good to reduce unemployment but there are urban centers where most houses and apartments have no people at all. There are shopping centers with very scarce activity and buildings that are almost empty. It could create a real estate crisis like the one that happened in US a few years ago.

Lack of democracy

China has grown about 8% per year since the end of the 1970s, it has become the factory of the world.

China has the largest international reserves on the planet. But the political reforms have been more limited. Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union couldn't pass the test of freedom. Could China be as democratic as United States?

New competitors

There are new emerging economies in Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia and others. They have cheaper labor costs than China and they can become new competitors. The Chinese will lose market share in international markets because of this. US experienced this many years ago, thus, they moved to knowledge-based industries and services.