On Monday, Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton argued that Donald Trump's associates helped Russia in intervening in the 2016 Election, USA Today reported. She said that there was collusion between Trump and the Putin administration during the campaign.

Clinton says Putin wanted her to lose

In an interview with the USA Today, Hillary said that "there's no doubt in my mind that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted me to lose and wanted Trump to win." She also added that Trump had a relationship with Russian money.

She said that "I think he's (Trump) being played." She suggested that he had given comfort and aid to the North Korean leader and the Russian leader.

She also added that "I think he doesn't even understand the kind of strategic overview of what's happening in the world."

She blames herself for all mistakes

According to NPR, Clinton blamed herself for losing in 2016 election campaign and mentioned all the mistakes she did in her book, "What happened." She said that she was responsible for everything as her name was on the ballot. She understood that the electorate was angry and frustrated with her actions.

Hillary used private email server during the time when she was the secretary of state and exchanged classified information. She said that it hurt because it was her dumb mistake and a dumber scandal.

She even did not blame herself only, but also other officials including Bernie Sanders, the US Senator from Vermont, for causing damage to her running campaign, Vladamir Putin for Russian meddling, and the former FBI director James Comey for handling her emails' investigation, NY Daily News reported.

She said that Bernie Bros had harassed her online supporters.

She also put her gun of the blame on former President Barack Obama for not disclosing the information about Russian hacking among the Americans.

Clinton talked about sexism in her book and mentioned the condition of women in politics. She said that some of the voters are not ready to accept a woman as a president.

She said that racism and sexism have covered the country very much and that is why she lost in 2008 presidential campaign and 2016 presidential campaign.

Clinton also admitted that she had not yet fully recovered from the defeat at the elections. Clinton talked about the campaign and the defeat in the election. She negatively comments about Trump, calling him "a scumbag," and calls herself the winner in the election, because she received three million more votes.