It's been just days since Hurricane Irma touched down in Florida, resulting in close to a dozen deaths with millions fleeing their homes in the southern part of the state to avoid as much damage as possible. First Lady Melania Trump decided to give her thoughts about her upcoming visit to the Sun Shine State, which resulted in backlash from critics.

Melania on Irma

The recent hurricanes to devastate parts of Texas and Florida have once again brought the issue of climate change into focus. As expected, Republicans and President Donald Trump has dismissed talk about the science behind global warming, instead focusing on the aftermath of the storms in question.

It started last month in the Lone Star State when the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall, doing the most damage in the city of Houston. Days after the storm hit, the former host of "The Apprentice" and First Lady Melania Trump made their way to the state, but where criticized over a variety of reasons. Backlash started before they even got on the plane, with critics of the White House poking fun at Melania for wearing stiletto shoes to the a flood zone. The criticism continued when Trump stayed out of Houston, instead speaking to supporters in Corpus Christi where he was quick to brag about the size of the crowd who came to watch him speak. In an attempt avoid the mistakes made during their first post-hurricane trip to Texas, Melania tweeted on September 13 about her upcoming stop to Florida following Hurricane Irma.

Taking to her Twitter account on Wednesday morning was Melania Trump who sent her condolences out to those impacted by Hurricane Irma, while giving the date of her and Donald Trump's visit to the state.

"My concern continues for all impacted by the hurricanes," Melania tweeted, before adding, "Will fly to #Florida on Thursday w @potus to survey the damages from #HurricaneIrma."

Twitter responds

Within minutes of Melania Trump's tweet about Hurricane Irma, those who oppose the current administration made sure to hit back with their thoughts in return.

"Convince your husband climate change real ,so your son Barron and my son can have a healthy future," one tweet noted.

"Damn..'Will fly' try learning how to start a proper sentence... What a shame to have this family represent the United States of America...." an additional tweet read. "How about telling him to address climate change in a meaningful way," another Twitter user added.

"Sadly, you are so removed from reality you don't have a clue about catastrophes that gravely affect Americans. Stay in your gold tower," yet another social media user added. The negative reaction from critics continued as the divide between the political left and right doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.