Hurricane Irma recently hit the United States and with it came a series of unfortunate events. Tragedy struck as many people lost their homes, got separated from family and some were even stranded. A recent hashtag emerged on Twitter drawing attention to four women who were stuck on the island of St. Maarten and how they were in need of dire help. The women had no way of escaping the land surrounded by water and soon the hashtag #SaveMaarten was all over Twitter.

The response was quite impressive as it became one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter at the time.

Social media posts spread like wildfire and eventually local authorities picked up on it and the women were safely evacuated to Puerto Rico. The devastation of Hurricane Irma is still impacting many southern regions, but fortunately this time there were many people who came together and the kindness of human nature showed itself.

The hashtag

Tiffany Bender, one of the four women who was stranded, recently spoke out on social media thanking everyone for the hashtag. She stated that the hashtag is still in full effect and that she received a lot of prayers and calls for the occasion. The group of women waited for the next emergency phase in Puerto Rico, where they will be further relocated and sent safely to their families and loved ones.

Bender also stated how this hashtag can be further used to save more people on the island of St. Maarten.

Hurricane Jose was also in the direction of the Island and prompted people to take charge and use social media for help. The story of how the women ended up on the island of St. Maarten stated that they had been on a vacation to celebrate 10 years of friendship-- quite an admirable retreat that was sadly followed by the powerful storm.

The women said that the AirBnB they were staying at simply told them to cross their fingers and hope for the best. As it turns out, more than 95 percent of the entire island was destroyed and was followed by a terrible looting incident. Most of the people had to seek refuge in the American University of the Caribbean, where they could only stay for one night before having to evacuate.

The women are using the hashtag to further the effort of saving more people. They will not just be using it for the island of St. Maarten, but also as an iconic hashtag that indicates that people of all different circumstances often need help because of the devastating hurricanes that have come upon us in these tragic times.