Just days after Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, Donald Trump was quick to use the opportunity to push his tax reform. Following his latest social media rant, critics of the president wasted no time in lashing out.

Trump on Twitter

In recent weeks, two separate hurricanes touched down in the United States. First was Hurricane Harvey which hit Texas last month, causing the most damage in the city of Houston. Dozens have since been reported dead, while thousands were forced out of the area due to the damage left in the aftermath. Harvey reached a Category 4 storm with winds hitting 130 mph, as the debate over global warming continued.

Less than two weeks later and Hurricane Irma tore though the Caribbean on its way to Florida. Irma was labeled a Category 5 storm, which came with winds hitting over 160 mph. Unlike his controversial reaction to Hurricane Harvey, which included bragging about the crowd size during his trip to Texas, Donald Trump made sure to remain as positive as possible during the storm in Florida. As seen during his morning tweets on September 13, Trump decided to use the recent hurricanes to promote his tax plan.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning was Donald Trump who exploited the hurricanes to push his his recent plan for tax reform.

"With Irma and Harvey devastation, Tax Cuts and Tax Reform is needed more than ever before," Trump tweeted out, before adding, "Go Congress, go!"

Prior to his tax reform tweet, Donald Trump made sure to soften the blow by praising the first responders, while also sending out another message about taxes.

"The approval process for the biggest Tax Cut & Tax Reform package in the history of our country will soon begin. Move fast Congress!" Trump wrote. In a follow-up tweet, the president added, "I will be traveling to Florida tomorrow to meet with our great Coast Guard, FEMA and many of the brave first responders & others."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump sent out his tweets, those who criticize him made sure to do so on social media.

"This makes no sense. Hurricanes are going to require more federal government spending. That means cutting taxes will just hurt relief effort," one tweet read.

"So you plan on giving the top 1% a tax break in order to somehow help hurricane victims? What about funding FEMA," another Twitter user wondered. "What? How are the two connected? Who is paying for the relief if you continue to cut taxes?" an additional tweet asked.

"Actually, those hurricanes suggest action on climate change is needed more than ever before," Miranda Yaver tweeted out. As the backlash continued, those who oppose Donald Trump showed no signs of backing off their criticism anytime soon.