With Hurricane Irma just days away from reaching Florida, millions have evacuated their homes in search for safer grounds. After First Lady Melania Trump sent out a pair of tweets about the storm, she was instantly hit with backlash from those who oppose Donald Trump and the administration.

Melania on Twitter

It's been just two weeks since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and devastated parts of the state. The city of Houston was hit worst of all as thousands of residents were forced to leave the area in an attempt to avoid the damage. The storm was labeled a Category 4, hitting the Lone Star State with winds that reached more than 130 mph.

In the days after the hurricane touched down, Donald Trump and Melania Trump made their way to the state, but received criticism for how the president handled his arrival. Trump spoke to a group of supporters in Corpus Christi, about an hour outside Houston, and was quick to brag about the size of the crowd. In his second trip just days later, the former host of "The Apprentice" made sure to put in a better effort, and has since kept up with the storm, as well as Hurricane Irma which is headed to Florida this weekend. As seen on her Twitter account on September 8, Melania sent out warnings to those who could be impacted by Irma.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Friday was Melania Trump was urged anyone being effected by the storm to take action and be safe.

"If you are in or near projected path of #HurricaneIrma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!" Melania tweeted out.

In a follow-up tweet, Melania Trump once again addressed the preparation of Hurricane Irma. "Look fwd to hosting members of the cabinet & their spouses at #CampDavid this weekend. Much work to be done as we monitor #Hurricane Irma," she wrote.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Melania Trump sent out her tweets in regards to Hurricane Irma, critics of the president lashed out on social media.

"Don't forget your stiletto heels though," one tweet read in reference to the shoes Melania wore during her first trip to Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

"Melania will do nothing at Camp David. She knows nothing. She should really go to college because her modeling career is obviously over," another Twitter user wrote.

"@FLOTUS my son keeps asking me if your the president daughter, will you give your husband a 3 sec kiss, I know it's hard, just try," an additional social media post added.

"And Melania what about the million or so displaced in the Caribbean? Guess these folks don't count!" another tweet pointed out. "Did the Donald wrote this for you. Cause it sounds something he would say," an additional message noted. The negative reaction from critics continued as much of Florida waits for Hurricane Irma.