Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh has made a living attacking Democrats and the so-called "liberal agenda." After mocking Hurricane Irma as nothing more than a left-wing conspiracy, Limbaugh has decided to backtrack and flee the state of Florida.

Rush on Irma

For decades, Rush Limbaugh has been the most popular right-wing talk radio show host in the country. Limbaugh has used his popularity to influence millions of conservative Americans around the country, in turn making his program the highest rated on the radio dial. Where Limbaugh often runs into criticism, in addition to his well-known issues with drug use, is his far right-wing stance which he backs up with questionable sources.

Limbaugh has even been debunked over many of his theories, but he continues to stand by them as he caters to the conservative viewers that tune in on a weekly basis. The latest controversy that Limbaugh has found himself in took place earlier this week when he dismissed the warnings about the upcoming Hurricane Irma, claiming it was simply a media and liberal hoax. Despite this, the radio host changed course and fled from his Florida home before quickly becoming the butt of the joke on social media on September 8.

"There’s corruption everywhere in our politics," Rush Limbaugh said earlier this week, before adding, "it's epitomized during national disasters and emergencies, because the left is always working on moving their agenda forward." "Climate change, radical environmentalism, and so the occasion of this hurricane is an exciting thing for them," Limbaugh continued, while also claiming the "deep state" media was "exaggerating" the strength of the storm.

As reported by Media Matters on Friday, Limbaugh was not on the air from his studio in South Florida and was made to evacuate due to Hurricane Irma.

"I'm not going to get into details because of the security nature of things, but it turns out that we will not be able to do the program here tomorrow," Rush Limbaugh told his audience on Thursday's program.

In response to the news, critics lashed out and had a little fun on social media.

Twitter reacts

After the news made the rounds that Rush Limbaugh would be unable to broadcast due to Hurricane Irma, which he believed was a hoax, Twitter quickly went viral in their mockery. "Strong-winded destructive force that's already caused untold suffering and devastation, Rush Limbaugh, flees some storm.," comedian John Fugelsang tweeted out.

"Rush Limbaugh - who called Irma coverage a liberal hoax - has decided to flee the liberal hoax," Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek posted. "Mark Steyn is filling in on Rush Limbaugh's radio show today, because Rush has had to evacuate his FL home/studio," CNN's Brian Stetler added.

(RL) is now fleeing #Irma after endangering Floridians by mocking the hurricane as a liberal conspiracy," Mark Follman noted. "(RL) spent show mocking fears raised by scientists @ #Irma.

People listen to that, they believe him. Now HE is evacuating," Juliette Kayyem tweeted. As the backlash continued, it was made clear that the opposition to the conservative radio host was not going to end anytime soon.