Jimmy Kimmel had some sharp words for Senator Bill Cassidy, (R, La.), on his program, "Jimmy Kimmel Live," on Tuesday evening. In his nightly address to viewers, Kimmel denoted the fact that back in May of 2017, Cassidy had appeared on his show and was vehemently opposed to the health care plan that was being considered then. That health care plan, which was defeated when three GOP Senators, including John McCain, voted against it, called for the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Plan, or Obamacare, but offered nothing to replace it. The new bill, which Cassidy supports, calls for the repeal of Obamacare plus higher premiums for those with pre-existing conditions.

No lifetime caps

During his visit with Kimmel in May, Senator Cassidy had promised not to support any health care plan that penalized patients with pre-existing conditions, capped benefits, discriminated against people in any way, or limited coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, i.e., covering every malady which could attack a person except for the one that they already have. In May, Cassidy was adamant about the fact that no health care plan proposed by Republicans or Democrats that in any way, shape, or form that failed to pass a litmus test would have his support.

Kimmel was decisive in his admonishment of Cassidy, according to ABC News on Wednesday. Speaking in reference to Cassidy's promise only to support a bill that does not penalize people for pre-existing conditions and does not include caps or high premiums, Kimmel stated that the new health care bill offers no such protections.

A new kind of test

Kimmel became even more adamant in his verbal chastising of the Louisiana Senator, who probably would have rather been wrestling an alligator in a stinky Louisiana swamp than listening to Kimmel's unmerciful scolding: "Stop using my name." Then, according to ABC News on Wednesday, Kimmel offered to give Cassidy a lie detector test.

Kimmel referred to the lie detector test as a "New kind of test."

Kimmel's son's illness.

Kimmel, whose program was aired within one week of Donald Trump's insulting remarks directed at Scotland Yard, made reference to his infant son's heart disease and Cassidy's accusations that he is "politicizing" the illness, according to ABC News on Wednesday.

Kimmel stated that he was politicizing his son's illness out of necessity.

Trump's infrastructure advisers quit.

In the meantime, seven of Trump's advisors on infrastructure resigned in August because of statements made by the president that they considered offensive. The offensive statements primarily were made in reference to the tragic events in Charlottesville, Va. when a male white supremacist used his car to kill a female counter-protester who was there to picket a racist rally that was being led by the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacists.