A “rogue newcomer,” was the label given by President Hassan Rouhani of Iran to President Donald Trump after the US president delivered his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Accord. ng to Mr Rouhani, Iran would respond resolutely and decisively if the United States withdraws from the nuclear agreement with Iran, the Guardian reported. In 2015, members of the United Nations unanimously approved the nuclear deal with Iran.

The US will lose its 'credibility' if it scraps the nuclear deal, Rouhani

The nuclear agreement with Iran was a deal negotiated by the administration of former president Barrack Obama.

Now, the Trump administration plans to walk away from that deal.

President Hassan Rouhani expressed his contempt towards the US president’s remarks about Iran and criticized the Trump administration for plans of calling off the nuclear deal with Iran. If President Trump abandons this agreement, the United States’ credibility as a nation would only be demolished by a “rogue newcomer to the world of politics,” according to President Rouhani.

Moreover, President Rouhani stated that his country intended to uphold its agreement with the six superpowers, which include the United Kingdom, France and the United States.

Under the agreement, Iran would restrict its nuclear development programs for ten years at the very least. In return, the crippling economic sanctions on Iran were loosened. "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement," the Iranian leader said.

Opposing views on the nuclear deal with Iran

Following the speech of Iran’s leader, Mr Trump told reporters that his administration is now considering whether to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran. However, Mr Trump did not go into details about what that decision was, Vox reported.

In addition, the criticism of the US president of Iran did not really sit well with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and France’s President.

Prime Minister Theresa May believed that the nuclear agreement with Iran was indeed vital, while President Emmanuel Macron considered the deal “essential for peace.”

Nikki Haley, US’s ambassador to the United Nations, explained that while the US president was not clear whether he really plans to walk away from the agreement, Mr Trump’s rhetorical speech showed that he is “clearly not happy” with it. Ms Haley also stressed that the issues that involved Iran in arms smuggling and in the continued testing of ballistic missiles in the region.