Seven members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which advises the President on threats to cyber security, water systems infrastructure and other matters concerning national security, have resigned out of frustration with President Donald Trump, his statements, and with his White House Administration. The main focal point of the resigning officials, upon whom the President depends when making major decisions about the nation's security, was Trump's comments after the tragic events in Charlottesville, Va. last week.

In his statement, the President blamed the tragedy in that city on "both sides" and failed to condemn hate groups, including the KKK (Klu Klux Klan), neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups that precipitated and manifested the violence that occurred.

In that tragic series of events, a 20-year-old white supremacist, James Alex Fields killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer with his car and two Virginia State troopers, who were trying to help people on the ground, were killed when the police helicopter in which they were riding, crashed.

Endangered national security

The seven officials who quit included scientists, chiefs of staff, managing directors, and even a former managing director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. They all signed a letter in which they stated that, by virtue of his comments after the Charlottesville tragedies, President Trump is "endangering national security." The letter also said that the President also has “given insufficient attention to the growing threats to the cybersecurity," according to The Huffington Post on Wednesday.

Only 20 left

As a result of the seven resignations from the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which is unprecedented, the President only has 20 members left on the Council. In other words, one-fourth, or 25 percent, of the Advisory Council have resigned. The intensity and manifestations of these resignations come to the surface when one realizes that we only are eight months into the Trump presidency.

If 25 percent of the Advisory Council were to resign every eight months, the Trump Administration would be completely out of advisors on the Council within 32 months, which is only two years and eight months, much less than an entire four-year term of a President.

'Impeach' now

In addition to a Tennessee Congressman, a State Department official, who functions as a science envoy sent Trump a letter telling him that he needs to be impeached.

Without a doubt, the President, whether he is impeached, resigns, or serves out the rest of his diluted Presidency as a severely wounded lame duck, already has impeached himself, and done a very good job of it. Whether he serves the next 40 months as President, or as a private citizen, the President has put an ankle bracelet on himself and gravely impacted his effectiveness.

The role of a President is to lead, to inspire, to cause others to "rise above" their prejudices and join with others in a common cause of hope and to protect the citizens of the nation. Trump gave up on those critical Presidential roles the day he was sworn in as President, and in so doing, he impaired his leadership role as President.

Whether you want to admit it or not, Donald, it is over, and if you do care about the country as you claim, you will resign and allow your Vice-President Mike Pence to "heal our wounds" and end our collective, undeniable, "national nightmare."