While relief efforts continue in Houston, Terrorist Group ISIS has called for attacks against the relief centers in the Houston area. The terrorist group called on supporters to poison grocery stores and attack relief centers. Hurricane Harvey has already been classified as one of the most dreadful hurricanes ever.

American jihadis called on to attack

In a message Newsweek received from the radical Islamist monitoring site, Jihadoscope, the publication reported that ISIS called on lone mujahids to begin the attacks. (The word is Arabic for warrior.) ISIS referred to those in the relief centers as kuffs and said that the American jihadis should take supplies, gadgets, and toys down to Houston to put those in the shelters out of their misery.

(The word kuffs, short for kuffar, means nonbeliever.) Using an encrypted app called Telegram, the attacks came from a channel called "Lone Mujahid." The platform is popular with jihadists because it offers privacy, and ISIS hasn't suffered the takedowns it received from more popular social sites like Twitter.

ISIS and its use of chemical attacks

Breitbart reported that in addition to attacking shelters, jihadists were encouraged to attack grocery stores too. The report came from the SITE Intelligence Group. SITE provides analysis on terrorist groups as well as military manuals and training and software and technical materials. At the end of the message released by ISIS, a series of emojis showed knives, explosions, guns, bombs, and medical symbols.

Although the hurricane primarily affected Texas, it also affected other states including Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi and caused about $180 billion in damages. Over 60 people died. In addition to the attacks in Houston, ISIS also called for attacks in Europe, Russia, and the United States, and on the Islamic “Sacrifice Feast” Eid al Adha.

The Daily Mail UK reported that terrorist experts warned that ISIS could also drop dirty bombs on the United States and Europe. ISIS may use commercial drones to drop the bombs, which could contain chemical weapons. The warning came through a summit in Washington D.C. on Friday. The assessment was given by top intelligence officials from Canada, Germany, and Great Britain.

ISIS had previously used chemical weapons on women and children in its regional capital to slow its capture by U.S. and Coalition forces. The call for attacks comes on the heels of trolling against President Trump by MSNBC hosts who claimed the President's efforts in Houston were lackluster.