Hurricane Harvey has hit South Texas, causing huge devastation and property damage, and leaving thousands stranded without power. According to CoreLogic, Harvey has caused damage in the range of $1-2 billion to the insured property, before authorities downgraded it to category one early Saturday morning. The magnitude of damage spawned by the hurricanes makes us wonder how devastating and intense were the hurricanes in the past. Presented below are the accounts of the five most horrific hurricanes in the history of United States:

Indianola Hurricane (1886)

The city of Indianola, occupied mostly by European immigrants in 1880s, was punched in the face by two dreadful hurricanes, in 1875 (category three) and 1886 (category four).

The later was one of the most devastating hurricanes that man has ever witnessed. The severity of the hurricanes was such; it forced masses to abandon the city forever.

Most Affected Areas: Indianola (Texas), Lesser Antilles, Dominican Republic and Cuba

Lowest Pressure: 925 millibar (MB)

Highest Category: 4

Deaths: More than 74

Property Damages: $200,000 (1886 USD)

Hurricane Andrew (1992)

hurricane Andrew brought catastrophic damages in the region of South Florida and swallowing 65 lives and destroying more than 125,000 properties. Until then, Andrew was the costliest hurricane in the history of US.

Most Affected Areas: South Florida, Louisiana, Bahamas,

Lowest Pressure: 922 MB

Highest Category: 5

Deaths: 65

Property Damages: $26.5 billion (1992 estimation)

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

The second landfall of the hurricane Katrina brought more destruction to South Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana and claimed more than 1,275 lives.

Most Affected Areas: Bahamas, South Florida, Central Florida, Louisiana, Cuba and Mississippi

Lowest Pressure: 902 MB

Highest Category: 5

Deaths: More than 1,245

Property Damages: $108 billion (2005 USD)

Hurricane Camille (1969)

A storm surge of 24 feet due to hurricane Camille was the highest recorded until 2005. Camille, a compact but enormously strong hurricane, created havoc in the regions of Mississippi Coast and Virginia and claimed more than 259 lives.

Most Affected Areas: Louisiana, Cuba, Alabama and Mississippi

Lowest Pressure: 900 MB

Highest Category: 5

Deaths: More than 259

Property Damages: $1.4 billion (1969 USD)

Labor Day Hurricane (1935)

Atmospheric pressure dropped to 892MB, lowest ever. The fatalities spawned by Labor Day hurricane included WW1 soldiers stuck on a construction site and people waiting for a rescue train, swept away by the flood, and did not reach to the victims.

Most Affected Areas: Bahamas, Florida Keys, Georgia and Virginia

Lowest Pressure: 892 MB

Highest Category: 5

Deaths: 408

Property Damages: No Estimate

The intensity of the hurricane Harvey has subdued now and with the state of Texas officials in damage control mode, let us hope it never gets into the list of five most devastating hurricanes.