Hurricane Irma has been trending all over the news and social media. A natural disaster that has struck in many places, one of them being Florida. Irma has now weakened to a Tropical Storm as it has moved over Northern Florida toward southern Georgia. Hurricane Irma was expected to weaken to a tropical storm by Monday morning and a tropical depression by Tuesday afternoon.

It is being said for many to wait for direction from local officials before returning to evacuated areas.

Storm impacts can continue well after the centre passes. Another place that was affected was Miami. According to news, Miami airport will still be closed as of Monday, September, 11th. Flooding has occurred across Florida with Hurricane Irma. At night it can be impossible to see, so it is being advised to stay indoors.

How South Florida looked during the hurricane

Here's how South Florida looked during Hurricane Irma through the eyes of Miami journalists, photographers, and readers. Many were asked to send videos of Hurricane Irma. There's a thread of videos of South Florida neighbourhoods impacted by the storm on social media.

Many must understand that it is not only humans that are affected by Hurricane Irma - animals are also in danger. A Flock of flamingos were moved to shelter at Busch Gardens in Tampa as Hurricane Irma moved up Florida's coast.

Recognize heroes

When a hurricane occurs it unfortunately has the power to take away lives, which is tragic.

Two officers were killed in the Hurricane Irma evacuation zone crash as they were both on duty. We should all take a moment to recognize and remember these heroes. May god rest their souls and let them rest in peace. Lastly, may prayers go out to the officers and their families. They were courageously doing their duty to serve the public and so that others could be safe.


More than 6.2 million people in Florida are now without power due to the storm, which is just tragic. In addition, the Cuban state news media stated that 10 people died as Irma blasted the island. Videos and pictures on social media continue to capture Hurricane Irma's powerful effects throughout Florida. As the hurricane rolled north, it left residents to cope with widespread flooding. Overall, Despite the downgrade of Irma to tropical storm, Florida is in many people's thoughts as residents brace for possible storm surge. It is advised strongly to stay safe at this time.