Police said that several people were dead, including the suspect, after a shooting that took place in the suburbs of Dallas. The shooting in Plano, Texas, happened shortly after 8 p.m. on Sunday night. The city is located less than 20 miles Northeast of the city of Dallas. Police initially responded to a call of shots fired. However, when they arrived on the scene they encountered the suspect. The shooting comes on the heels of the new season and Dallas's struggles to find a new quarterback as it was rumored that the team would be releasing its quarterback while looking for a new one.

Fan party turns deadly in Plano

The Boston Herald reported that Plano police spokesman David Tilley said that initially, the police responded to a report of shots fired. The first police officer on the scene entered the home where he encountered the suspect. According to neighbor Stacey Glover, the party had started early in the afternoon. She said that neighbors could be heard talking and laughing while they were grilling. Tiller said she heard the shots around 8 p.m. and opened her door where she smelled gun powder. Neighbor Lauryn Nichols said that she had a friend that had attended the party, and she wondered what had happened to her friend.

The Evening Standard said that the shooting started sometime during a House Party where party goers were watching the Dallas Cowboys play.

One of the witnesses told Fox News that a man pulled an automatic weapon and began shooting. The man had been seen outside the home arguing with a woman before he pulled the weapon and began the attack. None of the victims or the suspect have been identified at the time of the report. Tilley said that this was unusual for Plano because the neighborhood in question was normally a quiet one.

Currently, the police investigation is ongoing, and Tilley didn't say whether the police had been called to the home before.

Suspect shot dead

The Dallas News reported that police said the suspect had been shot to death and that there were eight dead and one wounded in the shooting. Two victims were wounded in the shooting and taken to the hospital.

One later died. Officer Tilley said that the police officer entered the home and discovered the victims, all adults. The officer, who wasn't injured in the attack, then engaged the suspect and shot him to death. One of the victims was later identified as 27-year-old Meredith Hight, who was the estranged wife of the shooter. Hight's mother, Debbie Lane, said her daughter was a fine cook, and this was her first party after her divorce from the suspect, who didn't take it well.