Strong supporters of President Trump would have defended him vociferously, but most participants in the focus group were confused, disheartened, and dissatisfied in the manner Mr. Trump was handling his tenure as the President.

The Focus Group

A Focus Group Interview conducted by Peter D Hart, commissioned by Emory University discussed President Trump’s seven months in office. The focus group discussion was conducted by Peter D. Hart, a pollster and featured five Democrats, four independents, and three Republicans. The discussion was initiated by Hart who asked the participants how they felt about the direction of the country.

Focus group discussions are a good way of getting people together from diverse backgrounds and experiences to discuss a specific topic. Hart guided the discussion and helped the group to participate in a natural discussion. Such discussions help obtain detailed information about personal feelings, perceptions, and opinions. Focus groups represent a snapshot of views as was pointed out by Tony Seiullo, a Republican leaning independent participant.

How Presidential is President Trump?

One participant said that the USA was more “divisive” than it had been since the Civil War. Two other people shared this view. The group was dissatisfied and disheartened with the manner in which Mr. Trump had handled his tenure as president.

How should President Trump Behave?

Bart Morgan, an independent, asserted that Mr. Trump lacked social skills. He wanted Mr. Trump to behave correctly. David Turner a Republican felt that Mr. Trump should be given more time as it was still early in his term. Another participant held that Mr. Trump had little empathy. One participant claimed that the tweets of Mr.

Trump were divisive. He claimed that the tweets spread falsehood and were deceitful.

Another participant claimed that tweets were wielded as a weapon against adversaries. The cry in the focus group was that the president should quit tweeting. What is important is that the focus group provides a broad range of opinions relating to the presidency of Mr.

Trump. Further, the focus group provided an opportunity to seek clarification and test the mood of registered voters. Some opinions were that Mr. Trump should chill out, and he should listen to women.

Is Mr. Trump a racist? A participant insisted he was not but Mr. Trump uses racial divisions to grow in strength. Even the Republicans who voted for him are confused about what the President is trying to do. Mr. Scuillo a Republican inclined independent felt that strong supporters of Trump were not adequately represented in the focus group. According to Sciullo, if any strong supporter was included in the focus group he would have vociferously defended Mr. Trump.

In the focus group, five persons voted in favor of Mr. Trump, six voted in favor of Hillary Clinton, and one voted for Jill Stein.