President Donald Trump has competition when it comes to selling hats. His competitor knows how to win by undercutting the real estate billionaire by selling the white hat with the words “USA” for only $9.99. The same hat is listed in Trump’s official online store at $40.

He wore the cap when he visited Hurricane Harvey flood victims, together with First Lady Melania Trump who was criticized for wearing stilettos. In a post on Twitter, the Citizens for Responsibility criticized Trump for wearing the USA 45 hat, a campaign merchandise, while working.

Not official merchandise

The Walmart $9.99 hats were provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and others whom the giant retailer said it has not verified, Time reported. But it added the hats do not seem to be official merchandise or made by the merchandiser who made the $40 hats being sold by Trump.

Both hats, however, have the same design. The letters "USA" are on the front, the number 45 on one side, and the American flag on the other side. The description on the online store of Trump reads: “The only place online to purchase the Official USA rope hat worn by 45th President-Elect Donald.

J. Trump, himself,” Newsweek reported.

Available in white and red colors

The Daily Dot noted that Walmart’s website is marketing the cheaper had as “USA Trump Hat. 45th President, Make America Great Again.” It comes in white and red colors. The website noted that the Walmart hat is for Americans who like the design of the USA 45 hat but do not want to contribute to Trump’s campaign.

On Monday, the Trump Tower store in Manhattan was recently hit by pranksters who added Ku Klux Klan hoods, urine-resistant sheets, and Vladimir Putin postcards. The items had reference to the different scandals, mishaps, and rumors that hit the president during his first few months in office, Gothamist reported.

The one-size-fits all KKK hoods was marketed as a way for very fine people to show their pride.

It referred to Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence when he refused to condemn the neo-Nazis and white supremacy groups behind the violence. The KKK hood was beside Trump T-shirts and mugs. The pee-proof sheets referred to the alleged golden shower he received from Russian prostitutes.

One of the pranksters said foreign tourists would get the whole story of who the president is because the rest of the merchandise in the store do not accurately reflect who Trump is.