Search and rescue operation is still ongoing in the state of Texas as waters receded in Houston. Receded flood waters finally showed the devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey. At least 49 deaths have been recorded so far and this number is expected to rise. In dryer portions of the city, damage assessment has already started.

According to the Guardian, President Donald Trump has already pledged $1,000,000.00 of his personal fund to help the state in this time of need. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is appealing to media to determine which charity organization the presidential donation should go to.

It was not clear however clear if the amount will come from the President directly or from a foundation they are managing. Trump, together with the First Lady Melania Trump is scheduled to visit Texas and Louisiana this Saturday to personally assess the damage. The White House will be sending a supplemental spending budget to congress for the purpose of rehabilitating both states.

Televangelist Joel Osteen finally opened mega-church in Houston

After it was initially reported that Joel Osteen refused to open the doors for flood victims, Joel Osteen finally approved to make his megachurch in Houston a flood shelter for victims of Hurricane Harvey. He was slammed by netizens in social media for allegedly refusing to make his 17.000 seater arena, “The Summit,” a temporary shelter for the victims.

A deluge of tweets in twitter lambasted him on Monday, August 28, 2017. On Tuesday, he announced that the church would always be a shelter for those in need and its gates are always open. The current home of the Houston Rockets, the Toyota Center also opened their gates for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Help is pouring for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Various groups and organization are now working hand in hand in search, rescue, and rehabilitation of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Famous best-selling author and researcher Brene Brown is in the forefront of the operation. She is appealing to the people of this great nation for donations for the flood victims.

She is requesting specifically for clean and unused underwear as donations. She said that clean underwear not only provides sanitation but also dignity amongst the victims.

The city-wide curfew imposed by Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner from midnight to 5 AM is still in effect. Sweltering heat is now being experienced in lots of places devastated by Hurricane Harvey after the storm left the state. The heat caused a great stench from stagnated waters and flood damaged properties. Health officials are requesting the populace to take precaution against diseases that might arise out of this. Sanitation and cleanliness are vital to prevent a possible outbreak of cholera and typhoid.