The lines to meet Hillary Clinton in Buffalo, New York started at 8 a.m. on Thursday. Clinton was promoting her new book What Happened at noon in Larkin Square. The memoir is from the perspective of Clinton, who explains why she may have lost the election to President Donald Trump. Around 1000 people waited to meet the woman, who has served as a First Lady, New York senator, and Secretary of State. People who bought the book from Talking Leaves bookstore received a ticket that granted buyers entrance to chat with Clinton for a few seconds. Fans traveled all the way from Pennsylvania and Ohio to meet the Democratic nominee, who won the popular vote and hearts of her loyal supporters.

Ohio ladies make the trek

Ena Wilson, a 90-year old, drove with friends from Cincinnati, Ohio to meet Clinton. As Wilson waited in line to see the former first lady, Wilson spoke to Buffalo’s local Channel 7 News about what she wanted to say to Clinton. Said Wilson, “I think I’ll say thank you for a job well done because I thought she ran a great campaign, and so many things were stacked against her.”

While taking pictures was not allowed for the event, Clinton made an exception for the Ohio women when they approached her. The group huddled around Clinton for a photo that brought smiles to the faces of the women.

Pennsylvania women show support

Cheryl Tingley, who traveled from Bradford, Pennsylvania with her mother and friends, talked to Channel 4 News about meeting Clinton.

“I just told her "thank you" for everything that you’ve done, and I appreciate it," said Tingley.

When asked about how she felt about Clinton, the Bradford native said, “To see her continue to go on and do all the amazing things that she’s doing- words can’t even describe it.”

One protester showed his sign

Not many protesters came out for the event.

However, Jeffrey Cappella made his case known. He held up a sign that stated that Clinton is not shouldering responsibility for her election loss and should be in prison. Cappella told Channel 7 News that America was not against a woman being president. Americans just do not want Clinton to be that woman. Cappella’s disdain for Clinton was somewhat overshadowed by a Clinton supporter showing off his unique attire.

He wore colorful pajamas with Clinton’s face plastered all over them. The man's picture was posted on several of Buffalo's local news stations.

Hillary Clinton is only touring 15 cities. She traveled to Canada last night and has also scheduled stops in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. She will be promoting "What Happened" for the next two months.