According to ICE website, ICE officials arrested the 498 individuals from 42 countries for violating US immigration and criminal laws. ICE made the arrests in multiple US cities, in an Operation that lasted four days. The majority of the arrests occurred in Philadelphia, where 107 were arrested. 101 were arrested in Los Angeles, 63 in Denver, 50 in Massachusetts, while 45 were arrested in New York City. Among those arrested, 317 were arrested for criminal convictions, 68 were immigration fugitives, 104 were criminals previously deported from the US, while 18 were members of criminal gangs.

Most people were arrested for criminal convictions according to the ICE. ICE detained 86 for driving under the influence, one for bribery, four for cruelty towards children, one for false citizenship, one for kidnap offenses, one for sexually exploiting a minor, five for prostitution, and 10 for child sex crimes.

Details of some of the arrests

ICE officials arrested a Salvadorian man in San Fransisco convicted of having sex with a minor and for entering the country illegally. A Mexican was also arrested for being part of the Colonia Chiques gang, for being in the country illegally, for illegally possessing a handgun, and for weapon assault charges. ICE officials also arrested a female citizen from El Salvador for entering the country illegally using a fake passport.

The female Salvadorian had previously been accused of attempted murder, and for first-degree assault, according to ICE.

ICE acting director, Tom Homan, stated that "Sanctuary jurisdictions are shielding foreigners who are criminals from immigration enforcement, and thus creating a magnet for illegals." He also said that "ICE has been forced to dedicate more resources in conducting large-scale arrests in such communities."

ICE arrests after Trump's presidency

Trump signed executive order 13769 on January 25th, to improving border security and to provide strict immigration enforcement.

This law encourages strict enforcement of immigration rules such as the apprehension and deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States. In May this year, ICE announced the arrest of more than 41,000 people for being in the country illegally. These arrests were 37 percent higher than a similar period last year. This announcement by the ICA was made 100 days after Trump had become president of the United States.75 percent of those arrested had been convicted of serious charges such as homicide, sexual abuse, and drug-related charges.