With Donald Trump banning any more transgender people from enlisting in the military, tensions between those who voted for his party and those who voted for Hillary have once again risen. Now as Hillary returns from her hiatus to release a book about the 2016 election and her fight against sexism, Donald Trump, and trying to unite left-winged voters, here is my personal response to "What Happened" and how the Democrats can recover.

How the platform failed

Hillary, as a woman, I understand the sexist comments made by Trump supporters and Trump himself were absolutely derogatory.

Trust me, I didn't vote for you but those comments angered me just as much as they angered your voters and yourself. But the anger from those comments were not enough to distract me from your centrist platform that appealed not to the progressive vote, but to the wealthy voters that were socially left.

You only changed your viewpoint on fracking after Bernie Sanders urged you to be anti-fracking, you sided with big banking, you took money from the corrupt, and will not take responsibility for being a candidate that was just not viable in the political atmosphere we now live in. The people want transparency, consistent voting records, and somebody they can relate to. Unfortunately, it's hard to vote for somebody that doesn't embody those values.

The night of the nomination vote for the Democratic National Convention, I went down to my local municipality that day to change my party from Democratic to Green, and I already knew that the Democratic Party was going lose with Hillary. The party was already in shambles, nominating a Wall Street candidate to the "Party of the People" was a contradiction in itself.

Winning strategy

Hillary won the popular vote so is its quite obvious more American voters want a left leaning candidate, especially as there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. Bernie pulled large crowds in red states by uniting people under his ideas of "democratic socialism". Turning states blue is a possibility, but a candidate that represents the people needs to be chosen, not a candidate that represents the top 1 percent of income earners.

Stop nominating candidates that have low ratings and are former employees on Wall Street. The new DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, was an establishment pick. The former labor secretary already had his ties to banks and lobbyists, which shows that the Democratic Party doesn't want to change. But change is good, especially in a party that always wants to move forward.

Let's move forward, be progressive, and nominate true progressives. Elizabeth Warren, Nina Turner, and Tulsi Gabbard are just three progressive women who can make history and also be the change needed to stop Trump and his crusade. The people want change, they want progress, so start to cater to the people. What really happened was you made a mistake and ran as the most least liked politician. But theres always another election, so you can win from the bottom and work your way up.