Though the 2020 presidential election is still three years away, it's not too early to speculate about who will be running for the Democrats to challenge Donald Trump. After mocking an article that listed Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden as the top contenders for the Democratic Party, Kellyanne Conway was instantly hit with backlash for her efforts.

Conway on 2020

It all started in June 2015 on the floor of the famous Trump Tower in New York City. Donald Trump, with his family by his side, caused a media frenzy when he announced that he would be running for president, and would do so in the Republican primary.

At the time, not many took Trump's candidacy seriously, with the consensus being that the former host of "The Apprentice" was just trying to find a way to keep ratings high for his reality show. However, as time moved forward, Trump gained in the polls and found ways to embarrass his Republican opponents on the debate stage. By the time the summer of 2016 rolled around, the billionaire real estate mogul was on stage at the Republican National Convention to accept the party's nomination for president. Fast forward just a few months later to Election Day and Trump pulled off the shocking upset over Hillary Clinton to become the new commander in chief. Since then, Trump has caused an even wider political divide in the country, with the Democratic Party scrambling to put together a potential challenge to the GOP in 2020.

During a September 9 tweet, Kellyanne Conway highlighted a recent article that listed Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as the top challengers.

Taking to her Twitter account on Saturday night, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway re-tweeted an article from the Washington Post that ranked the top 15 potential candidates to represent the Democratic Party against Donald Trump in 2020.

In the top two spots were Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, who would be 79 and 78 years old at their inauguration if they were to be elected.

Attached to the article was a smear from Kellyanne Conway who took a shot at the ages of the two possible challengers.

"Then we'll be sure to have special seating for them," Conway tweeted, while using the "#TrumpPence2020" hashtag.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway sent out her tweet, critics of the administration were quick to fire back with their reaction. "Your ticket should be safely in jail before that date," one tweet read.

"Wow!!! Why are you attacking our leaders? Wasn't you who said we should focus on Florida right now?

Sad," another Twitter user said in reference to the upcoming Hurricane Irma. "Focus on the people who have been and are being devastated by the storms and thank the Universe for your time-limited special seating in DC," an additional tweet noted.

"And how old will Trump be?

What kind of special chair will he be in? I'm pretty sure treason calls for an electric one," a Twitter user mockingly added. The backlash continued as the drama surrounding the 2020 election looks to be just started.