The eldest son of the US president, Donald Trump Jr., has expressed his desire to be removed from the Secret Service Protection. According to two top officials of the White House, Trump Jr. now prefers to have more privacy, The Washington Post reported.

Trump Jr. prefers no agents to walk alongside him

Many wondered why Donald Trump Jr. made this decision public. According to the Secret Service, forgoing a security detail of high-profile individuals is ill-advised. Adult children with prominent parents may instantly become targets by the people who are railing against their parents.

Trump Jr. is known to be a keen hunter and camper, but he did not want agents to accompany him everywhere he went. Perhaps, they would only get in the way of whatever he wanted to do privately.

Nevertheless, it has remained uncertain if his decision applied to his wife, Vanessa, and their five children. On this issue, the White House did not make any comment, and the press could hardly get in touch with Mr. Trump Jr.

Kelly Conway, removed from the Secret Service Protection

Also, President Trump’s adviser would no longer be covered by the protection of the Secret Service. But the reasons why Kellyanne Conway was removed from the agency’s protection were never disclosed. But according to an administration official, Donald Trump Jr.

and Conway’s cases are unrelated matters.

Furthermore, the Secret Service agency actually holds no power regarding the people that fall under its protection. However, the law mandates the agency to give 24/7 security to the immediate family of the US president, except when it is ordered not to or whenever the agency apparently errs on the side of caution.

The statute does not cover the protection of Kellyanne Conway. It was the US president who approved her protection following the threats she received while she was in her early days in the trump administration.

Moreover, the Secret Service agents will still cover the other children as well as the grandchildren of President Donald Trump.

The agency will also continue to cover White House, top aides. On top of that, the Trump Tower, the primary residence of the US president, will remain protected by the Secret Service.

Over a thousand special agents have been arduously working around-the-clock, reaching a cap on overtime pay for 2017. A proposal has been made by legislators to raise that cap for the current year and the succeeding year; however, such a measure is still to be approved.