The Democratic primaries in Virginia are not for a few months, but already the race for the Democrat who will go up against Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Republican representing the 10th District is already going hot and furious. Dan Helmer, one of the Democrats, has gotten some name recognition in the worst way possible, with one of the more memorable and cringe-worthy campaign ads in living memory.

You’ve lost that centrist feeling

Helmer is running for his first elective office, having served in the United States Army (he hits the veteran angle pretty hard) and being the son of immigrants.

His campaign website is distinguished by a dearth of specifics and an excess of platitudes. For instance, in the “Jobs and Economy Section,” he actually uses “smart regulatory environment” as a description.

The Campaign ad that everyone is talking about is reproduced below. For those people who are younger than 40, the ad is a parody of a famous scene in the Tom Cruise classic hit “Top Gun.” Helmer is not a naval aviator nor does he look anything like Cruise, then or now.

What are Helmer’s prospects?

Hot Air thinks that Comstock may be in a little trouble, with her district turning a tad blue and next year being the first midterm of the Trump era. Comstock is a mainstream conservative but may have stumbled by supporting repeal and replace Obamacare but voting against a measure to do just that recently.

She has a lot of thinking to do when the latest version, which would offer block grant payments to the states, comes up for a vote.

Helmer, though, may not be the candidate chosen to take Comstock out. A number of other candidates from State Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D-Leesburg) to Obama administration alumnus and communications consultant Lindsey Davis Stover to former State Department official and anti-human trafficking advocate Alison Kiehl Friedman are vying for the honor to take on the incumbent.

The race has attracted the attention from outside agitators, including Gloria Steinem, Trump antagonist and gold star dad Khizr Khan, and failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has gotten involved supporting one candidate or another.

One theory, because of the ad, is that Helmer has crashed and burned right out of the gate.

However, an opposing theory has arisen that states that the congressional candidate has achieved nationwide name recognition, not a bad thing when running for political office. Now Helmer has to offer reasons why he should go to the United States Congress besides the fact that he is a veteran and has a D behind his name.