President Donald Trump was once again targeted by the media after another controversial statement. Not long after criticizing African-American footballers that refused to stand up while listening to the National Anthem, Trump also called out Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry on Twitter.

It's a tradition that every year, the NBA champions visit the White House, but this year Trump refused to host the Warriors, under the pretense that Stephen Curry was re-thinking the visit. The US President and former host of ''The Apprentice'' said that coming to the White House is a great honor for any championship team, but because of Curry, the invitation was rescinded.

Not the first time !

For current US President Donald Trump, a controversial statement is no surprise.

This time, the victims of his criticism were the African-American NFL players, who protested during the National Anthem. According to CNN, Trump said that such players should be fired.

This "trend" was launched last year by Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand while the anthem was playing because of the racial issues and police brutality in America. Since then, many players have dropped to their knees or raised their fists during the intonation of the anthem.

Trump stated at a rally in Alabama that such moves show disrespect for the National Anthem. According to CNN, Trump said that if one of the NFL owners fired a player for disrespecting the national anthem, he would unconsciously become the most popular person in the country.

The President the United States also encouraged the fans to leave the stadium if they witness national disrespect.

Several NFL players responded to these sentences of Trump, and one of them was Detroit’s Eric Ebron, who ‘’tweeted’’ that Trump should stick to politics.

‘Trump is bad for America’

Stephen Curry, Golden State’s playmaker, is outraged by the gesture of US President Donald Trump, who has publicly stated that one of the best basketball players of today is not welcome in the White House.

Trump rescinded the invitation to the NBA champion because, as he wrote on Twitter, Curry "hesitated" to visit him.

According to sources, last year's MVP did not back down, calling this gesture absurd. The basketball player was astonished that the US president decided to mention him especially. He did not understand why someone needed to be separated from other citizens.

Curry condemned Trump's actions as unworthy for leaders of a state and confirmed that his stance has not changed. It became even stronger in view of what is happening in the country. He believes that the way Trump represents the country is bad for America.

Of the many furious reactions made about his actions, the most remarkable is the one sent by LeBron James, who called Trump a ''Bum'' on Twitter and also said that a visit to the White House is not an honor as long as he is the president.