According to findings by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS), 20 percent of respondents approve how Republican leaders in Congress handle their jobs while 72 percent disapprove their Job Performance. Those that stated that they did not know how to categorize the republicans with regards to their job performance were 9 percent. These findings are low compared to an August 3 - 6 poll that showed 24 percent approval and 71 percent disapproval rating on the job performance of Republican leaders in Congress. Congressmen approval rating in late January and early February was 39 percent while their disapproval rating on their job performance was at 59.

Positive approval ratings were recorded for democrats and were compared to Republicans. The SSRS poll showed that 32 percent of respondents approved the job performance of Democrats while 60 percent disapproved their job performance. Between August 3 and 6, the approval ratings of Democrats was 34 while 59 percent of respondents disapproved of their job performance. The disapproval rate of Democrats was higher in January at 63, two weeks after Trump took office while their approval rating was 33.

Other findings of the poll

According to the survey by the SSRS, 32 percent of respondents had favorable views of the speaker of the House Paul Ran while 51 percent had unfavorable views about him. Those that have never heard of him were 8 percent while another 8 percent had no opinion about him.

Those that had favorable views on Hilary Clinton were 41 percent while 53 percent had unfavorable views about her. Those that had favorable views of the Democratic party were 41 percent compared to 29 percent of respondents who had favorable views of the Republican party.

Why are the Democrats are winning?

According to a recent ABC news and Washington poll, most Americans believe that Donald Trump is dividing the country.

According to the polls, 66 percent of respondents stated that Trump is the cause of division. In the polls, 91 percent of Democrats stated that the president is dividing the country. This poll was released during a time when NFL players who are mostly African American knelt before every football game during the weekend as a gesture of protest against police brutality and racial discrimination of people of color.

According to ABC News, Trump is also criticized for his late response to the Charlottesville violence and for blaming both sides for Charlottesville violence. According to the Financial Times, Trump is also criticized for isolating the United States from the rest of the world with his travel bans and trade threats.