Hayley McLean-Glass, a resident of Devon, England, posted about the incident she experienced when she tried to book a “princess' makeover experience” for her son Noah. The open letter is titled “Why Can’t My Son Be A Princess” and it went viral after Mrs. McLean-Glass posted it on her blog last week Tuesday. According to her post, her son Noah is the biggest fan of the animated movie “frozen,” particularly the character of Princess Elsa. “If there is such thing as a Frozen super fan, it would be Noah,” the mother added. Besides Frozen princesses, she shared that her son also loves other Disney characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty.

Mrs. McLean-Glass and her husband took Noah to Disneyland two times in the last 10 months

Disneyland Paris denies Noah because 'he is a boy'

The mother of three said that the incident all started when she came across a photo shoot of little girls in princesses’ costume at the Disneyland Park. Looking at them, she thought it would be a great idea as a Christmas gift to his son. That is why she emailed one of the staffs of that event to book her son. Unfortunately, that staff rejected her saying that it is not possible to book his son for a “princess' makeover” because he is a boy. In replacement of the experience, the Disney staff suggested a tailored gift pack of Princess-themed items.

“So let me get this straight, my son Noah, who fell in love with the idea of Princesses of Disney is not allowed to have the same experience because he is not a girl,” Mrs.

Glass ranted on her open letter. She expressed her huge disappointment towards the Disneyland management. “I was so furious, I literally could not stop shaking for half an hour,” the mother said.

Disneyland apologized for what happened

After the open-letter became viral, lots of social media users reacted. Many of the netizens commended and applauded her for what she did.

Others shared the same experience from the company with regards to young boys loving Disney princesses.

In a statement released by Disneyland Paris, it says that company is taking the situation very seriously and want to extend their apology to Mrs. Glass and her son Noah. According to them, what happened is “isolated” and the Disneyland's staff’s act is not a reflective of any belief, values, and policy that the company held. Furthermore, the management promised that this incident will never happen again.