North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump exchanged threats on Friday, which led to the worsening situation between the two regimes, New York Times reported. Trump wrote that Kim "is obviously a madman", while the DPRK leader responded that Trump is "mentally deranged." After Mr. Kim warned the US that the DPRK would launch the new H-bomb over the Pacific Ocean, the White House has started to think of the way to respond.

The US officials shared their point of view

The US officials commented that verbal threats are not the right way for the leaders, and it is dangerous to continue it.The best policy is to find a diplomatic resolution to the problem.

Kori Schake, the national security aide at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, said that “taunting foreign leaders isn’t a diplomatic tactic with a very good track record", adding that President Trump's position is "incredibly reckless”.

President Trump chose economic pressure, as he called on the world leaders to isolate the DPRK, and added that foreign financial institutions should decide if they will work with the US or the DPRK. The White House considers that the DPRK isolation will make Kim start constructive negotiations. On Thursday, Trump signed an order to cut the DPRK off from the world banking system.

As the White House officials stated, Donald Trump has various military options.

Nikki R. Haley, the American ambassador to the UN, explained that Trump does not want to reveal what, when, and where he is going to do, but he discussed with his national security which he can use if North Korea does "anything irresponsible or reckless.”

The White House explained that it is not easy to intercept a warhead with the US antimissile systems.

If any warhead is missed, the confidence in the US infrastructure, on which the US had been spent $300 billion since the 1970s, will be ruined.

The world leaders' reaction

On September 22, at the United Nations General Assembly, officials discussed the relations between the US and the DPRK.

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop noted that “Millions of people are in a great danger because of "North Korea’s refusal to abide by international laws and norms".

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, the foreign minister of Cuba, which has been against the US for a long time, said that “We reject the threat to totally destroy the DPRK," noting that any war causes a great risk for peaceful residents.