Amazon is a powerful and expanding company that wants to have a second headquarters; thus, many cities are competing to be the chosen one. Chicago, Toronto, and other cities are fighting to become the place where the tech company plans to create 50,000 jobs and invest $5 billion the coming years. This is a huge project compared with other similar opportunities. For example, GE plans to move 800 people to Boston. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has stated that this new building will be equal to the facilities that the company has in Seattle. Amazon will supply many jobs with good payment a, d it will inject a lot of money in the local economy of the city that is chosen.

Amazon is a powerful company

Amazon is a powerful and reputed firm, this tech giant is one of the biggest employers in Seattle. Amazon also keeps buying more and more land. Soon, it will purchase millions of square feet of office space. It wants to build a new headquarter that will be called HQ2, it will be as big as the one it already has. The company has also opened an impressive warehouse in New York a short time ago.

A city with more than 1 million people

Amazon wants a city with a good communications system, it must be close to important highways and to an international airport. It has to be an urban center that surpasses 1 million inhabitants. Dallas, Toronto, Boston, and other cities are applying to be the destination of the future headquarter.

Austin has an advantage, it is home to Whole Foods, a company that was bought by the tech giant a short time ago. This is a symbol of the strong growth that Amazon has had.

Is Amazon sending a political message?

This is possible that the firm is sending a political message to Donald Trump by making a search that goes beyond the borders of the US.

Jeff Bezos has disliked Trump policies related to immigration and climate change. The message is clear, Amazon is creating a new location that not necessarily has to be in the United States. Bezos wants to see proposals, and the mayor of Toronto has stated that his city is a prime candidate.

Trump dislikes Amazon and its CEO

The US President dislikes Amazon, he has complained about Jeff Bezos. Trump has been critical of the CEO of Amazon, and he has also made negative comments about the Washington Post. This newspaper belongs to Jeff Bezos. Trump has called the newspaper the AmazonWashingtonPost, he states that the publication protects the tech company, thus, Amazon is not paying the taxes that it should pay.