What’s worse is the fact that the President of the United States, Mr. Donald J Trump was seen taking sides in an indirect fashion which beset the feelings of many. Being in such a high stature, it isn’t expected for a president to take sides. Racists are residing all over the country and people can't believe the president is a part of it.

Casual sexism or racism keeps happening and one such Case was witnessed in Virginia.

Fair isn’t always fair

Well perhaps you might have smelled something fishy but as we dig deeper into the issue, it would only help if we take you through what actually happened.

It was a peaceful protest against the removal of a statue of a not so great personality who led an army against the US government.

This doesn’t seem anything terrifying until a car came out and ran riot over the protests costing Heather Heyer her life. The 32-year-old was among the protestors when the car ran over them and unlike the 19 people who survived with injuries, Heyer couldn’t. Though the President condemned the act and also promised that the car driver would be prosecuted, things were surely not the way they should be.

By that time, things took ugly turns and turned into a political issue summoning the left wing supporters, the supremacists, Neo-Nazis and everybody who has the audacity to make the issue political to the core.

The President of the United States, however, was seen to be undermining the accused and his hooligan crime which is committed by blaming the victims also are equally accountable!

If not like this how would anyone pursue such a thing other than coming to a conclusion that Trump is on the wrong side of things on this one showing a slight inclination towards the whites?

Although he did say that the driver of the car was a disgrace, he did take his own sweet time to comment on it.

Persuasively evasive

Everything is pretty evident that the authorities are trying to be evasive to speak on the issue as it would result in massive implications on either side. But the basic issue of racism is seen to be sidelined with the peppering of political plethora making it a bizarre plot.

It would be an excruciating pain for the victims and the families not just physical but mental as well seeing their cause getting crushed with casualties and the course of the issue which is seemingly taking political sides. When people in command of governance show a tendency to take sides diplomatically not confronting the actual racist raucous which led to the protest initially. So the blame can definitely not be on both the sides!