Barack Obama tweeted three times in a series, with one tweet including a photo of the late Nelson Mandela accompanied by three smiling children. The children are of different backgrounds. It was posted on August 13, 2017, garnering roughly 3 million likes.

He tweeted it again after the attack in the region of Charlottesville in Virginia. According to a report by Twitter to the BBC, the milestone was approximately reached at 01:07 GMT.

Ariana Grande’s Tweet:

One of the tweets by Ms. Ariana Grande had also received a tremendous amount of likes. In this tweet, Ms.

Ariana Grande expressed her condolences after the terror attack in Manchester in the month of May. She tweeted “Taught to love”. Barack Obama’s recent tweet overtook that tweet as well which isn't that common.

In more than three tweets, Barack Obama posted a quotation from the autobiography of Mr. Mandela. The name of his autobiography is “The Long Walk to Freedom”. According to the quote, there is no person who is born to hate another person just because of his skin’s color or because of his background or because of his religion.

Another quote states that people must be taught to hate; if they learn this then they also learn to love, as the love comes naturally to a greater extent to the heart of a human being than its opposite.

There was also a picture in which Mr. Barack Obama was seen when he visited a day care center in the region of Bethesda in Maryland back in the year 2011. Pete Souza the then-White House photographer took that picture of the former president of the US, Barack Obama.

Souza’s pictures on Instagram:

Since the time when Donald Trump won the elections and became the president of the United States, Mr.

Souza kept on posting the contemporary pictures on the Instagram App. Most of the pictures posted by Mr. Souza highlighted the approaches of Mr. Barack Obama to the matter of presidency as compared to his successor.

The tweet posted by Barack Obama was a very good initiative to minimize the differences of caste, color, religion and other backgrounds and to bring awareness to the people.

The response of the public to his tweet was also very appreciable as they followed and liked the post to show that they agree with the former president of the United States of America in this regard. Literally, three million people liked his tweet and it is a great matter of fact. People would think out of the box and would try to agree more with their former leader.