The woman who got killed while aboard an Alaskan Cruise Ship, which traveled from Seattle to Alaska for a week, reportedly asked for a divorce before her husband allegedly killed her. One of their kids also told other people on the cruise ship that she knew her father would kill her mother.

The woman, 39-year-old Kristy Manzanares, was found dead in their cruise ship cabin with a severe head wound. Her husband, Kenneth, also 39, tried to throw her off of the ship but a relative got there in time to pull her back in. The high school sweethearts were described as the perfect couple and many were shocked when Kenneth allegedly killed her because she would not stop laughing.

The two were also celebrating their wedding anniversary when they went on the cruise, reported.

Daughter knew father would kill her mom

One of the children of the Manzanares couple, a daughter, reportedly told people that she knew her dad would kill their mother when she called for help. One of those passengers, Jens Larsen, said that the teenage girl ran for help outside of the cabin when her parents started to get physical when they were arguing. Larsen said, “She was saying to my sister-in-law, ‘I knew my dad would do this.’”

Passengers and relatives of the couple claimed that they heard the couple arguing before Kristy screamed for her life.

Kenneth’s attitude led to Kristy’s request for divorce

Kenneth and Kristy had three kids together, all girls aged 13 to 22. According to People, one of their relatives, who was not on board the cruise ship, said that Kenneth became aggressive on their second night during dinner. Kristy requesting for divorce only came after he became too aggressive.

The relative pointed out that they did not seem like they were having marital problems before the killing. Another relative said that they were doubtful regarding the claim by Kenneth that Kristy would not stop laughing at him because everyone said they only heard arguing and fighting but not laughter.

Preliminary hearing not yet set

Kenneth already made his first court appearance last week. His preliminary hearing was initially set for August 10, but it was postponed for two weeks. He is detained while waiting for his trial. He has no criminal history in Utah.

According to FBI agents in Alaska, when they interviewed Kenneth, he said out of the blue that his life is over. His motive in the alleged murder remains unclear. He has not entered his plea yet.

Authorities did not say where the minor children of the couple are staying.