Two toddlers from Texas, aged two and one, were found Dead inside a hot car. Reports said that their Mother left them inside the vehicle as punishment.

The incident took place in May, and the deaths were ruled as homicides as authorities found out that the kids’ mother, Cynthia Randolph, locked them in her car. The kids were identified by People magazine as Juliet Ramirez, two-years-old, and her brother Cavanaugh Ramirez, one-year-old. They were found dead on May 26 outside their home in Parker County, Texas where the vehicle was parked.

Kids died from heatstroke

The report regarding the deaths of the two kids re-surfaced because the Medical Examiner at Tarrant County determined their cause of deaths. The two died from heatstroke.

Their mother, 24-years-old, was charged with two counts of causing bodily injury to a child with intent. Authorities did not say yet whether Ramirez will face higher charges since the medical examiner determined their deaths as homicides.

Mother initially came up with excuse

Randolph initially claimed, per the arrest affidavit, that the children were the ones who went inside the car and locked themselves there. She told authorities that she had to break her car’s window in order to save them.

However, her statements later conflicted with the other versions of what happened when asked again.

Randolph eventually said, after intense police questioning, that she found her children playing inside the car. She asked them to leave, but her daughter refused to do so which is why she locked them inside. She thought that her daughter would be able to get herself and her brother out when they were ready.

Emergency teams were called to the scene, but police did not say after how many minutes the mother called authorities after she discovered her kids were unresponsive.

The children died while they were being taken to the hospital.

She also told police that she went inside her home to smoke some marijuana and slept for two to three hours. When she found them unconscious inside the car, she broke the window intentionally to make it look like it was an accident. During that day, the temperatures reached 96 degrees outside, Independent reported.

It was not revealed where the father of the kids was during the incident.

Since her arrest in June, she has not entered a plea deal. She remains in custody, and her bond was set to $200,000. Her lawyer did not comment on the matter yet.