A Florida man killed his girlfriend last September 2015 after she called out her ex-husband’s name twice while they were having rough sex. The Man pleaded guilty to murder and sexual battery in July and now he was sentenced to Life In Prison.

The man was identified as 26-year-old Fidel Lopez. The deceased girlfriend, on the other hand, was identified as Maria Nemeth, 31. Lopez admitted recently that he got mad and turned into a monster when he and Nemeth were having rough sex inside their apartment’s closet because she called out her former husband’s name twice.

He removed Nemeth’s intestines when he killed her.

What happened that day

Lopez and Nemeth were very drunk when the incident took place. He did not immediately hurt her or attempted to kill her when she called out her ex-husband’s name during their rough sex. When Nemeth passed out due to being too drunk, that was when Lopez mutilated her body.

After attacking her, he tried to wake her up by splashing water on her face when he took her to the bathroom but was unsuccessful. People reports he then washed the blood from his hands and smoked a cigarette. Later, he found Nemeth no longer breathing and that was when he called 911.

According to Independent, Lopez also inserted objects inside the vagina and anus of Nemeth.

He reportedly shoved a beer bottle, hair iron, and his fist and arms.

What officers saw when they came to the couple’s apartment

Cops who were deployed to the apartment of the couple saw Lopez crying for help while beside his dead girlfriend. Authorities also saw a shattered glass door and holes punched into the walls. Blood and chunks of bloody tissue were also found all over the apartment.

He reportedly broke things in the apartment and punched the walls before he attacked Nemeth, the Toronto Sun shared.

Lopez pleaded guilty to avoid death penalty

Lopez initially entered a not guilty plea and claimed that the death of Nemeth was only because of their rough sex. However, he changed it to a guilty plea because he did not want to face the death penalty.

He can never appeal the life in prison sentence and cannot be eligible for parole.

In a statement after his sentence, Lopez said he is happy to fulfill the conviction because he knows what he did has to be paid. He also asked for forgiveness from his deceased girlfriend’s family.

Her family did not respond to him asking for forgiveness but they said in a statement that even after the death of Nemeth she will continue to be a model of "affection, effort, perseverance, and love of humanity.”