Will Ivanka Trump really leave Washington and move back to New York? The notion isn't new and a new report revisits the possibility that President Donald Trump's daughter won't stick around as his personal assistant long-term. If she does move and withdraw from the political spotlight, when will that be? A West Wing source spills on what the prediction for that is.

Report examines Ivanka's tenure in politics

An extensive report by Vanity Fair had input from personal friends, West Wing staff, and former aides who know Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Both are senior advisers to the president and are said to be astonishingly unaware of how "irrevelant" they are to the Washington elite because they think "they are special." The wide-ranging report did little to shine a bright light on Ivanka and Jared, exposing behind-the-scenes conduct and other allegations.

For starters, a former adviser says Ivanka Trump is referred to as "princess royal" by West Wing aides, but not to her face. Another source says she's "cold" to White House staffers who aren't on her father's side. She may seem "charming" at times, but will make a "cutting remark" to them in front of her father.

When Ivanka and Jared "might" move back to New York

An "influential Republican donor" believes Ivanka Trump and her husband will be moving out of Washington at the end of the school year in 2018.

The donor thinks around that time Ivanka and Jared will "decide it’s more important to protect their own and their children’s reputations than it is to defend their indefensible father’s." The report echoes one by Politico a few months ago in which a source said Ivanka and Jared will re-evaluate their lives every six months in Washington and decide if they should go back to the private sector in New York.

It wouldn't hurt the feelings of a lot of Washington elites, according to the Vanity Fair article. The elites think it would be a lot better with Ivanka and Jared out of Washington. The two aren't accepted into the political culture by virtue of the fact they barged into the White House without sitting on the sidelines a little and getting acclimated to their roles before "calling the shots."

First daughter's relationship with father is different now

Ivanka Trump's relationship with her father has drastically changed since John Kelly took over as chief of staff, as previously reported.

Anything she wants to meet with her father about in the Oval Office must first be screened by Kelly, who fields which people go in to see him. It's suspected that in spite of Kelly's role for President Trump, Ivanka and Jared are still valued above all others in the White House.

Ivanka has taken a lot of heat for not having more influence over her father and Steve Bannon has claimed she used to sit down at her father's desk and cry. An earlier report by Politico spoke with sources who claimed Ivanka and Jared are "miserable" in Washington.

Will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have enough of the perilous rat race in Washington and move back to New York in 2018?