Ivanka Trump is close with her father and is known to be the one he listens to the most, aside from his wife, Melania. The first daughter might disagree to some extent with that assessment when you look at how President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord and ban transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces. In spite of that, Ivanka still has her initiatives on a number of issues revolving around the child tax credit, workforce development, ending human trafficking, and helping to promote education for science technology, engineering, and math.

New chief of staff means big changes

The White House has been a revolving door of drama with the hiring and firings of upper-level staff. The latest firings came in way of Anthony Scaramucci on Monday as communications director and Reince Priebus as chief of staff when Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly became the new chief of staff. The staff shakeup drastically impacts many who're accustomed to surrounding themselves with the president. Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon will now have to confer with Kelly before seeing the president.

Politico reports that Ivanka Trump and her husband are finding their limits in the White House. Prior to Kelly replacing Priebus, the two were allowed to walk into the Oval Office freely throughout the day to run things by him.

Now they have a chain of command to follow if you will. The idea that Trump's daughter isn't exempt from this implementation seems unfathomable, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters during a press briefing that the new rule applies to "everyone."

The rule is new and it's unlikely that if Ivanka wants to see her father on a whim that he'd deny her.

While the majority of staff are prohibited from having walk-in privileges, it's unlikely the first daughter is one of them since she's the president's "special assistant."

When Barack Obama was president, he had a number of gatekeepers who managed how many aides and senior officials would try visiting him without an appointment.

Donald Trump likes being accessible to his staff, but as President of the United States, it's a tall order to maintain that kind of management -- on a sane basis, anyway.

"Lowering expectations"

Ivanka Trump may well welcome having less interaction with her father in the White House as it's revealed she wants to "lower expectations" of her role in the West Wing. Politico writes that Ivanka is frustrated by the "misunderstanding" regarding her "power" with President Trump. She recently posted an image on her Instagram page of fan mail she's received from supporters who think she's doing a fine job in Washington. It's viewed as a message to let critics know that not everyone agrees her work is for nothing.