Sean Spicer formally ended his six-month service at the White House on July 21. His decision to step down came after Anthony Scaramucci was named as the new communications director. The press secretary reportedly opposed the appointment of the New York financier, who was eventually ousted from the West Wing after John F. Kelly was announced as the new chief of staff.

Spicer steps down from White House podium

A source said Donald Trump reportedly tried to stop the press secretary from leaving his White House position. But regardless of his decision, the U.S.

president wished Sean Spicer the best in his future endeavors. "I wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities -- just look at his great television ratings," the POTUS said in a statement.

Sean Spicer passed his baton to Sarah Huckabee Sanders to take charge of regular press briefings. He also expressed his gratitude to Donald Trump for giving him the opportunity to serve the American people. The ex-press secretary said he wanted to give the U.S. president a "clean slate" to start with his new team.

For his remaining days at the White House, Sean Spicer was seen all smiles while talking with reporters and staffers. Politico also reported that the outgoing press secretary even gave his family a tour of the White House grounds before he formally leaves the place by the end of August.

Life after leaving his White House position

His abrupt resignation from the West Wing has caused a lot of speculation on what awaits Sean Spicer after serving the nation. Rumor has it that the former press secretary was allegedly offered to appear as a contestant of "Dancing With The Stars" when the show returns this September.

An affiliate refused to confirm these rumors and clarified that the show is still in the early stages of the casting process. “Right now just talking. Nothing beyond talking about casting. [There's] no one we’re dying for right now," the source told Variety.

On Thursday, TMZ claimed that Sean Spicer has turned down the offer to appear in "Dancing With The Stars" due to his other commitments.

The former press secretary, however, said that he was flattered to be considered for the show.

Now that the dance show is off the charts, Sean Spicer is reportedly in talks for a huge TV project. In fact, he even hired Bob Barnett as his attorney to assist him in this new endeavor. Page Six claimed that the appointment of the new lawyer came after the political aide had a series of meetings with TV giants, including NBC, Fox News, and CBS a few days ago.