United States President Donald Trump is reportedly aiming to make the “green card system” stricter through prioritizing skills over family relations. The Associated Press reported Trump is promoting the new legislation Wednesday, which drastically reduces legal immigration.

"This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first and puts America first," Trump said during a White House event this week.

This immigration policy is part of the president’s campaign promises and agenda from the 2016 election, the report added.

It followed his decisions to ban transgenders from serving the military and pull out from the Paris climate treaty. Trump promoted the immigration bill with Republican Senators David Perdue from Georgia and Tom Cotton from Arkansas, AP continued.

How the new system will work

The Skimm defines the green card as the “golden ticket for immigrants” who are aiming to become American citizens. If the person holds a green card for at least five years, the person can apply for US citizenship. Green cards are obtainable through family relations, being accepted to a job in the United States, through refugee status, or if the person is seeking asylum, the website added.

But there have been several frauds, legal issues, and procedural problems when it comes to obtaining a green card, as reported.

Many times, it is being abused. According to the legal website All Law, marriage is mostly used by applicants to obtain a green card.

“Getting married without the intention of forming a life together, but with the object to gain lawful permanent residence, is considered marriage fraud,” All Law suggested.

This is only one of the many reasons why Trump is promoting the new green card system.

Novinite.com said that the new system has stricter regulations for temporary work visas and limitations on family-related visas.

More than those who want to take advantage of it, the new system reportedly will benefit applicants who have the financial capacity to live in the United States, support their life and possess skills for the economy.

Mixed reactions

As soon as the president relayed these new measures in a White House event earlier this week, there were mixed reactions from various individuals. WSAV.com quoted a Mexican contractor saying, “a lot of my family would not be able to come over here. Half of my family’s from Mexico.”

Meanwhile, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said in the report that the new policy will destroy the economy. Senator Perdue from Georgia thinks otherwise, as one of the proponents of the bill. He said in the report, “It brings the right skills in. It balances the work force and helps wage disparity become more manageable.”