Clarence William’s Washington DC home was burgled on August 8 while he was away from home. However, two Washington DC police officers who responded to the burglary are now being reprimanded after being caught mocking Williams on the home’s video surveillance system, reportedly calling him “gay.” The homeowner also claims they didn't do their job the first time they visited his home.

Two burglaries in less than a month

According to NBC Washington, a burglary suspect had thrown a rock through the window of William’s home while he was away. Williams told the news service that he was frantic and “appalled,” as he was out of the U.S.

when his alarm company called. Williams told FOX5DC that the burglar stole a computer, clothing, and shoes from his home.

This was the second time William’s residence had been targeted by robbers in less than a month. He said the second robbery was the same scenario as the first, with the burglar breaking the glass and walking into the home. Williams told FOX5DC that it made him feel bad that his home had been targeted twice because he had figured the burglar had got everything they wanted the first time.

Williams went on to explain how the Washington Dc Police had visited the property once the alarm sounded, but hadn’t checked the back door.

He said when an alarm is going off in someone’s home, officers shouldn’t just knock on the front door – they should also check the back door, but the police officers did not do that, they just left after there was no response.

After one of Williams’ neighbors spotted the shattered glass in the back door of the home, they called the police, leading to the two officers returning to the home eight hours later.

Williams noted that his home had been open to the world for that entire eight hours.

Police officers laugh, joke and dance around in man's home

The surveillance video showed the officers laughing and joking, with one of them saying with clothes from Dolce and Gabbana and Armani, the home owner was probably gay. NBC reports that moments after this one police officer could be seen dancing around in the home.

Williams told them police officers were treating the whole thing like a joke, but it was a serious situation that affected his life. When asked by the Daily Mail why he thought the cops had assumed he was gay, he said he thinks it is because he is a single black male, with a nice house and expensive things, saying that would have to make him gay in their eyes.

Officers on 'non-contact status' for misconduct

NBC quoted the Metropolitan Police Department as saying the two officers in question have now been placed on a “non-contact status” for their misconduct while an internal investigation is run. The spokesperson said their behavior does not represent the environment they are working to uphold for both residents and visitors to DC.