Trump's decision to ban transgenders from the military services will be fulfilled in six months, the New York Times reported. The Ban includes cutting the medical treatments for trans people who are in service now.

Trump announced the decision on Twitter

The secretary of defense Jim Mattis should enforce the Transgender ban within six months, as it was announced by trump in his tweets in late July. Mattis will set a legal standard for them to deploy to war zones as soon as the transgender ban is approved. Trump's tweet surprised and confused senior military officials.

The White House has since claimed administration officials will work with the Pentagon in administering the ban.

Democrats and LGBT groups criticized the tweets, shocking Pentagon officials. They believed that authorities set up double standards which offend the rights of trans people. The Wall Street Journal was the first which reported about the memo.

Obama's administration allowed transgenders to serve openly in the forces in 2016. During his administration, open transgender service included the necessary military treatment in the cases of gender dysphoria, a serious condition which needs the cure, according to the American Psychiatric Association. The special therapy and even surgery can be necessary as a medical treatment.

Donald Trump’s administration is against the open transgender service and considers trans people to be nondeployable.

The officials' reaction to the memo

According to the advocates protecting transgenders' rights, such a guidance leads to double standards. President Trump claimed that the medical expenses on transgenders are too expensive for the US military.

He consulted with the military about the ban. Mattis got only a day’s notice about his decision.

Most Democrats and Republicans were against Trump's decision, arguing that any person who wants to protect the country are free to join the military. On Wednesday, Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, said that there was no announcement about memo in the White House

The representative of California, Nancy Pelosi tweeted that "this is NOT how you keep America safe."

Social conservatives said that there was no place for the transgenders in the military. According to the president of Sparta, Blake Dremann, the transgenders service members were always considered as the airmen, sailors, soldiers, and coast guardsmen first.