The two former Presidents of the United States, George Hw Bush and George W Bush are considered to be the latest figures of the Republic for weighing in on the counterblast to the latest remarks by the current President of America, Donald Trump, in which he blamed “both the sides” for the vicious confrontation in the region of Virginia.

It reached a climax and became culminated when the death of a woman occurred and also at the same time when almost twenty people got wounded in an accident. In that accident, a car plowed into a throng at the far-right rally.

Business Councils and Job Councils disbanded by Trump:

Mr. Donald Trump disbanded the job councils this Wednesday among an evacuation of the chief executive officers. The representatives from different companies exited the group over the reaction of Donald Trump to the events happening in the region of Charlottesville. The companies included Merck, Intel, and Under Armour.

The officials were elected by the Republicans around the entire country. They expressed an outrage at the time when Donald Trump appeared while defending the organizers.

The two former presidents of America stated that as they prayed for the region of Charlottesville, they were reminded of the elementary truths that the “most prominent citizen” of the city recorded in the declaration of their independence.

They also said that all the human beings are created equally and they are supposed to be endowed with the creator and their rights are unalienable. They told about these facts to be everlasting and they realized it after seeing the decency as well as the greatness of their country.

Heather Heyer tragic death:

The vicious confrontation in the region of Charlottesville in Virginia sparked a very heated debate on the relations of the US race this Saturday.

A “Public Memorial for Heather Heyer” was also held this Wednesday in Charlottesville. A car fatally struck this woman named Heather Heyer that plowed into a crowded place full of protesters against racism.

The mother and brother of that lady delivered a very heart touching and powerful speech. They raised the point for finding a way and making a difference.

Her mother said that her daughter was killed to be shut up. The crowd gave her a standing ovation on her speech.

The two former presidents of America are going in a good direction to work against the racial bigotry in America. Recently Barack Obama also tweeted in a similar context. These actions will help America to remove the differences of caste, color, and race.