Maxine Waters, an outspoken Democratic American politician, recently spoke to the media about whether she would run for President of the United State of America in 2020. Waters is quite the character. She has made her feelings about both Donald Trump and about the war in Iraq known on many occasions. None of her feelings on these two matters are what you could call complimentary. Waters spoke to ABC's "The View" on Friday, explaining her feelings on running for president and throwing in her thoughts on other matters such as a call for Trump's impeachment.

Maxine Waters

Waters is a long-serving California Democrat who is fast becoming Trump's greatest congressional critic. Waters despises the way that Trump treats and talks about women and the handicapped. She has criticized everything about him -- and it doesn't seem as though she will be stopping any time soon. Waters encouraged a boycott of Trump's inauguration ceremony and was one of the first to suggest that he be impeached. She often takes to the media with controversial statements about the president. She claims that it is important that people have someone who can voice their feelings and she believes that she is that person, according to The Hill.

She has emerged as the face of the anti-Trump campaign with thousands of millennials throwing their weight behind her.

As such, she has been dubbed "Auntie Maxine," a person who will fight for the voices of many. Waters is best known for the controversial statement she made about Trump shortly after he was elected president. According to Newsweek she said, "I think he's the most deplorable person I've ever met in my life" when asked about Donald Trump.

The interview

A little while ago, her millennial followers began jokingly saying that Waters should run for president in 2020, and according to The Hill, Waters jokingly replied, "if the millennials wanted me to do it, I’d do it." However, when ABC interviewed the 78-year-old this Friday she clarified that she really had just been joking.

As much as she wants to be the voice of the people and fight against corruption, becoming president in 2020 is not on her agenda. As she says, the only thing on her agenda is, "running for Trump's impeachment." She added that she believes that Trump has some sort of hidden agenda and that he doesn't have the people's best interest in mind.

Waters promised that she would keep fighting and keep working until Trump is impeached and corruption is outed.