On July 31, beachgoers found a Body of a woman buried in a hole in the sand in Maryland's Ocean City Beach. The deceased is identified as 30-year-old Ashley O’Connor, a resident of Plano, Texas. This information was revealed by Jessica Waters, who is the communications manager for Ocean City. O’Connor was vacationing with her parents in the resort town and is said to have gotten separated from them around 2 am on July 31.

Where was the body found?

Ashley’s body was found on the Maryland beach not long after she went missing after getting separated by her parents when they were all strolling at the beach.

Her death seems to be accidental, but the authorities aren’t stating anything until the full investigation report is presented to them.

As soon as the beachgoers discovered the body, the Maryland Police Department and the Ocean City Police Forensics Services Unit arrived on the scene. They locked out the specific area of the beach with tape and trash cans. This was done so that the tourists and other beachgoers could not enter the site. The officials took out the woman’s body from the sand and sent it for medical tests in order to determine the cause of death, as well to ascertain how it happened.

According to publication WUSA9, the body was removed from the scene of the accident on July 31 at around 4.15 pm.

The law enforcement was present on the scene for several hours in order to collect the evidence before they could clear the scene for tourist use.

How are the authorities investigating the case?

A large section of the beach was roped off with plastic barriers, trash cans, and crime tape to keep away tourists from the scene where the body was found so that the investigation could continue seamlessly.

The authorities also placed many pieces of beach sweeping equipment so that they could shield the scene from the onlookers. The investigators were in the sand up till their waist so that can could continue looking for evidence.

The beachgoers continued with their activities while the investigation was ongoing. They seemed unaffected by the incident which had unfolded a few hours ago.

Some of the tourists were asked by the media if they knew or saw anything, but they were completely oblivious. They continued to enjoy their time at the beach as they were there for only a few days. Some of them sympathized with the family of the deceased and hoped that they get mental peace and strength to cope up with the unfortunate event.

The officers have ruled the incident as an accident and reveal that Ashley suffocated to death. It is unclear if she fell into the hole.