The earth stood still as it awaits North Korea’s next move. But the communist leader may seem to have a different plan.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s Leader, held back from launching missiles toward Guam. But this does not mean that the threat is already gone and the possibility of war no more. Kim is merely watching the actions of the United States a little longer as he contemplates on his next moves.

Will Kim Jong Un finally exhibit the North’s military might?

State-run KCNA reported that the North Korean leader is now going over the plan of launching ballistic missiles to the area near Guam, a base of US armed forces with about 30,000 men and women in uniform ready to counter attack.

Inspecting and commanding his army, Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance in about two weeks. His eyes are now fixed on the small island.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea's official name, will finally strike if the US continues to perform its dangerously irresponsible activities on the Korean peninsula and its territories. Kim made this warning in the presence of his military commanders.

The North Korean leader, in photos released by KCNA, held a baton and pointed at a map. He was obviously discussing to his men the flight route for the ballistic missiles that will launch from the east coast of North Korea and fly over Japan towards the island of Guam.

Trumps rhetoric may have worsened the tensions

President Donald Trump made a striking statement just last week. He said that the US will meet the North with ‘fire and fury’ if it acted injudiciously. He added that the US armed forces are now ‘locked and loaded’. His remarks may have caused the tensions to surge across the Korean region.

Suggesting dismay on Trump’s military rhetoric, President Moon Jae-in declared that no military action against North Korea should be undertaken without the consent of the South Korean government. President Moon assured his people that the war would be avoided by all means necessary.

China urges the US and South Korea to stop their military drills

Both South Korea and the North would celebrate their Liberation Day holiday. This is indeed a rare celebration for the opposing Korean nations. Just a week after the celebration, the joint U.S.-South Korean military drills will be conducted in the region. The military drills have long angered Pyongyang. This is why China has never ceased to urge the US and South Korea to end their military drills in order to pacify the crisis. China has also pushed for the cessation of North Korea’s weapons program and missile tests. China is known to be the main ally and trading partner of the North.

Experts believe that South Korea should act as the buffer state between the North and the US to avert armed confrontation. If South Korea really desires to address the crisis with diplomatic solutions, it has to start with halting the joint military exercise, which is seen to provoke Kim Jong Un.