During the anniversary of the end of Japanese occupation in Korea in the 1940s, President Moon Jae-in said in his speech that he would do whatever it takes to preclude the imminent war by all means necessary. He also emphasized that no external military action against the North should be done without his approval.

A US military high-ranking official released a statement that they are ready to take on any attack from North Korea. President Moon Jae-in admits that they are working with the US to counter threats from the North, but he still prefers diplomacy in resolving the crisis.

The new sanctions on North Korea were intended to urge the North to finally cease its nuclear and missile weapons programs UPI reported.

Trump’s rhetoric may jeopardize South Korea

The US president’s statement to unleash “fire and fury” on Pyongyang has received several criticisms. President Donald Trump threatened North Korea’s leader saying they will not hesitate to counter attack the North if it still continues to make threats on any US territory, Guam specifically. Arguably, the President is right in his pursuit to halt the missile tests in the North, but his rhetoric may lead to a miscalculation which could provoke military conflict and may even worsen the already-growing tension in the Korean peninsula, jeopardizing the neighboring countries of the North.

War is coming: a game of thrones and ballistic missiles

On Monday, Jim Mattis, US Secretary of Defense, told reporters at the Pentagon that they would not hesitate to tackle the North if it fired missiles to the United States or any of its territories, more particularly Guam.

On Monday, North Korean leader Kim conducted a regular inspection of his military forces.

He commended his commanding officers for their well-wrought military strategy and talked with them about firing intermediate-range ballistic missiles into the waters close to Guam KCNA reported.

During a phone call on Tuesday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan discussed with US President Donald Trump the urgency to stop the North from launching its missiles.

PM Abe believed that the tensions in the Korean peninsula are now rising to unprecedented levels.

Top officials of the US armed forces stationed in South Korea assured President Moon Jae-in that they have already beefed up their 30,000 military men for any eventuality. There are about 10 million people in Seoul who are in close range of the North’s rockets and artillery. In the event of a war, South Korea will suffer the most.