NASA currently has an opening for a Planetary Protection officer, which requires an advanced science or math degree and a minimum one year’s experience as a government employee. While nine-year-old Jack Davis has neither on his resume, he knew he was perfect for the job.

Kid applies for a job as planetary protection officer

Jack Davis has seen all the SciFi and alien movies and is a whiz at video games, so he knew he could definitely do the job NASA was offering. Part of the job involves preventing alien contamination on space craft during missions and that sounded pretty easy to young Jack.

He totally ignored the need for the relevant degree and government experience and went ahead, sending a handwritten letter to NASA to apply for the job.

As noted by Fox News, in his letter, Jack wrote that he may only be nine, but he thinks he’s the perfect fit. Part of his reasoning was that his sister believes he is an alien, but he also added he has seen all the alien and space movies out there. Jack also mentioned in his letter that he is young enough to learn to “think like an alien.” In his closing he said he was a “Guardian of the Galaxy,” currently in the fourth grade.

NASA responds to nine-year-old's job application

While he obviously doesn’t have much hope of success in his mission, NASA was nice enough to respond after receiving Jack’s application with both a letter and a phone call.

Jonathan Rall, the Planetary Research Director with NASA called to congratulate the nine-year-old on his interest in working for NASA and encouraging him to do his best at school.

Jim Green, another Planetary Science Director, responded by letter, saying he had heard Jack was a “Guardian of the Galaxy” and that he was interested in becoming a Planetary Protection Officer with NASA.

Green said he thought that was great, but went on to explain that in real life, the position might not be quite what the title makes it sound to be. He said while the job does play a vital role in preventing microbial contamination of both our planet and others, and does promote the responsible exploration of the solar system, it isn’t really like something Jack had seen in the movies.

NASA job opening is still available

The Sacramento Bee reports that anyone out there with the right qualifications can still apply for the job through August 14. Reportedly the position carries a six-figure salary and there are opportunities to travel, but maybe not to outer space.