On Tuesday, President Donald Trump made his way to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Along with the president came First Lady Melania Trump who was criticized for her choice of shoes as she took off from the White House.

Melania in Texas

On Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas in what is being described as the most damaging to hit the state in nearly 500 years. Within hours, the storm was labeled a Category 4, which Donald Trump incorrectly referred to as a "Class 3" on Twitter. The storm has since been responsible for the deaths of at least eight individuals in the city, with thousands being forced to leave the area and abandon their homes.

Over the weekend, Trump sent out several tweets in reference to the storm, with many criticizing the president for his almost celebratory tone in how he spoke out the hurricane. After it was announced that the president would head to Texas on Tuesday, Melania Trump quickly tweeted that she would join her husband on the trip. After getting attacked on social media herself, the first lady was then mocked again for her choice of shoes by several journalists, as reported by the Washington Examiner on August 29.

As Melania and Donald Trump took off for Texas, pictures were taken of the First Couple.

As for Melania Trump, she was pictured wearing a green bomber jacket, cropped black pants with matching black stiletto shoes. Within moments, however, the first lady's clothing was a hot topic of mockery on social media, with several well-known journalists taking a shot. In response, Melania's office fired back at the attacks, saying it was "sad" that people even cared about her shoes during the middle of a hurricane.

Twitter reacts

Melania Trump's decision to wear stilettos during a major storm quickly resulted in backlash and trolling. "Not sure Melania Trump is prepared for Hurricane Harvey," Elliot Wagand of the London Evening Standard tweeted out.

"Those stilettos should help her stay above the flood line," Ryan Teague Beckwith of TIME posted to his Twitter account. Erica Orden of The Wall Street Journal also chimed in, sarcastically noting, "Melania is wearing stilettos to a hurricane zone."

"I'm gonna give Melania the benefit of the doubt and argue that maybe she has boots on Air Force One?" Huffington Post's Paige Lavender wrote.

"God grant me the serenity not to comment on the shoes," Politico's Ben White humorously added. The backlash continued from many due to Melania Trump's shoes, as she joined the president in Texas following the devastating hurricane.