When Glenna Duram, 49, of Sand Lake, Michigan shot and killed her 46-year-old husband, Martin Duram, his beloved parrot was a witness to the crime. The Parrot, who goes by the name of Bud, soon repeated his owner’s final words “don’t f---ing shoot,” leading to the wife being found guilty of first-degree murder. She has now received a life sentence.

Michigan husband and wife argued regularly

The New York Post reports that Duram was her husband’s caregiver after he received serious injuries in an automobile accident back in the 1990s. Family members said at the time of the shooting that the pair argued on a regular basis, although it had never before turned physical.

A 2015 report by Fox 17 noted that both husband and wife had children from former marriages. When Glenna’s son was interviewed by police, he said they usually argued over money and that Martin was very possessive. Her daughter said Glenna had left Martin for a short time as he was so “controlling.” Documents submitted to the court revealed that Glenna had regularly joked about the fact that she was waiting for her husband to die.

Attempted murder-suicide goes wrong

Martin Duram had been shot five times – once in the head – in May 2015, while his wife Glenna Duram had a gunshot wound to the head, but survived.

Prosecutors went on to say that Glenna had tried to commit suicide after killing her husband. Reportedly suicide notes, which had allegedly been written by Glenna, were discovered in the couple’s home by the family after the shootings. In one of the suicide notes, the wife had written that she was sorry.

At the time of the discovery of the couple, Duram was found to have a clump of hair held in his hand and there were bullet casings lying on the bed close to the victims.

Fox 17 reported at the time that Glenna had to be strapped to a gurney when they took her from the home as she was very “combative.”

Parrot repeats his owner’s last words

However, it was Christina Keller, Duram’s former wife, who had taken ownership of his parrot after his death who revealed the bird had made it clear who was responsible for the killing.

She went on to tell the court that after the shooting, the parrot kept repeating the words “don’t f----ing shoot” clearly in Martin Duram’s voice.

The jury found Glenna guilty of the first-degree murder of her husband last month. On Monday she was in court again to learn that she had been Sentenced To Life in prison for the first-degree murder of her husband Martin, as well as a felony firearm charge. As reported by CBS Local, the attorney acting for Glenna Duram plans to appeal the sentence.