During the first seven months of the Donald Trump administration, the first lady has kept mostly out of the spotlight. However, Melania Trump does post on social media from time to time, which often results in backlash from critics.

Melania on Twitter

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president back in the summer of 2015, he did so with his family by his side on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City. As the months rolled on, Trump's unorthodox campaign style and controversial rhetoric found its niche in the Republican primary and he was eventually nominated at the GOP convention last July.

During the event, Melania Trump gave a speech that was initially praised, but was later ripped apart after it was found that portions were plagiarized from an earlier speech given by Michelle Obama. In the months that would follow, Melania would go back to keeping a somewhat low profile that has continued into the White House. Despite this, Melania has taken time to voice her opinion about a select group of issues which was evident when she spoke out about Drug Addiction during a August 8 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Melania Trump decided to bring attention to the issue of drug addiction in the United States.

"Opioids are destroying our youth/people," Melania tweeted out, before adding, "Mtg w @Potus & @SecPriceMD today to give my support to #STOPDRUGADDICTION." As expected, the negative response from those who are critical of the president came quick and didn't hold back.

Twitter reacts

Just moments after Melania Trump sent out her tweet about drug addiction, opponents of the administration fired back.

"The Trumps are destroying our youth/people, meeting with my friends to give my support to #STOPTHETRUMPS," one Twitter user wrote.

"How to #Stopdrugaddiction?

Say it with me everyone.... DONT CUT MEDICAID," another social media user posted, while adding, "People need the treatment programs provided by Medicaid to survive and get off the drugs." "Poverty and inequality cause despair and hopelessness resulting in people turning to drugs to escape...poverty caused by people like Trump," The Socialist Party Twitter page added.

"Tell us what drugs Donald Trump is on for him to act so outrageous and crazy all the time," an additional tweet went on to read. As the negative responses continued, it became clear that the rift between the political left and right in the country was not going to end anytime soon.